More Than Just A Law Firm

The Law Offices of Mark A. Kirkorsky (“MAK”) is a full-service creditor rights law firm that specializes in the collection of both commercial and consumer debt. MAK is dedicated to providing its clients with a customized and cost-effective collection solution to maximize your recovery rates and enhance your company’s overall profitability.


Collection Experts

MAK is built on the concept of combining all the best practices and capabilities of a collection agency, private investigation firm and law firm. We have the legal power of a law firm, the collection resources of an agency, and the access to information of a private investigation firm.

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In addition to its attorneys and legal staff, MAK employs a full complement of commercial and consumer collection specialists as well as multiple private investigators. MAK’s collectors, investigators and legal staff work side-by-side to offer a full-service collection solution for any type of creditor. This powerful combination ensures maximum recovery of your debts at any stage of the collection process. MAK believes in developing long-term relationships with its clients through open, honest and transparent communication, trust, and proven results.


Compliance, Security & Technology

MAK is committed to practice in accordance with the highest legal, ethical and moral standards and recognizes that we operate as an extension of our client’s brand. We employ a full-time compliance team that is capable of adapting to an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Our state of the art technology system ensures the protection of your data and gives our clients 24/7 access to remotely monitor their accounts.